Project Cupcake: Our Story ...

From a love hate relationship of one woman and her baking was born an ongoing project of new flavors, mouthwatering moist sponge cakes, fluffy light frostings, surprise fillings and mouthwatering combinations that bring happiness in a few small bites, close your eyes and enjoy the tastes of the fun fair, Diwali, Christmas, Eid, holidays abroad, marshmallows, candy floss, chocolate, grandma’s Laddu, nana’s basbousa, all the flavors and smells we associate with happy times from our childhood, up till today. Every day we discover a new flavor, the Project passed down from mother to son will never end…

Our cupcakes are the result of fresh natural ingredients combined to make soft moist sponges with fluffy silky frostings in mouth watering flavours baked fresh in-store everyday, no artificial nasties only good honest ingredients.

The flavours of life, candy floss at the funfair, bubblegum in the playground, laddu on Diwali, basbousa on Eid, strawberries and cream in summer and cinnamon spice at Christmas.

A few bites of happiness to re-live your favourite memories that will leave you with a warm feeling inside.

Our creations reflect our creativity.

We work closely with our customers creating beautiful unique cupcakes for events, weddings, birthday parties, festive holidays and corporate gatherings.

From unique fondant art to printing high resolution logos on edible paper, we do it all.

Our drinks are naturally delicious and full of flavour.

From creamy cold milkshakes to refreshing mocktails for those hot summers and for those
cold winter evenings we brew the finest coffee and not to mention our soul stirring hot chocolate.

Our hot and cold beverages are made using the best ingredients money can buy. is owned and managed by Project Cupcake, UAE